All the Right Features


Click ABA provides a unique blend of administrative and clinical services to ABA practitioners in the field of ABA. We try to simplify and make some of the more routine and repetitive tasks more efficient so that clinical professionals can focus on the skills that enable them to deliver the most value to their clients and community.

Scheduling analytics
  1. Cancellation information (who cancelled, when they canceled, and why they cancelled, etc.)
  2. Scheduling data, graphs and analysis.
Clinical analytics
  1. Client skill tables.
  2. Client objective status.
  3. Clinician evaluation scores and analysis.
Tasking analysis
  1. Assigned tasks.
  2. Completed tasks.
  3. Task data and analysis.
Reporting analytics
  1. Report due date tables.
  2. Reauthorization reports data.
  3. Progress notes reports data.
Revenue and profit analytics
  1. Profit by therapist / client.
  2. Actual and projected units used.
  3. Therapist productivity.
  4. Company revenue and payroll.

Customizable Dashboard

Create your won customizable dashboard with a unique scorecard for your company, clients and practitioners using fundamental principles of organizational behavior management. Here are some of the customizable dashboard options to include in your analysis.


Practice Management

Are you a behavior analyst tired of getting bogged down creating graphs, filling out spreadsheets, and completing other paper work? Don’t worry! There is a better way.

Document access
  1. Store and access all of your documents at any time from our easy-to-use library of files.
Human resources module
  1. Keep track of all of your staff credentials with different insurance companies and any internal credentialing requirements.
Tasking module
  1. Assign, track and receive notifications of tasks for any and all users within the system.
Messaging system
  1. Create, read, and send messages to and from users within the Click ABA system securely. HIPAA and FERPA compliant. 
You can create users or use the default user groups already created.
  1. Clinical and administrator user groups.
  2. Custom user groups.
  3. Interdisciplinary team user groups (teachers, psychologists, etc.)

User Groups

All organizations have different employees, contractors, teachers, parents, etc. Our dynamic user groups feature allows anyone to control access to a select group of individuals based on their role within the company.


Reporting is one of the most cumbersome processes. Let Click ABA do the work for you with our custom report templates, custom reports, HR reports and much more. When you sign up the system comes with default templates for all major insurance companies and funding sources (e.g. Medicaid) and creates reports in the following formats.

Our reporting features allow for creation of any type of report.
  1. Progress notes/reports.
  2. Re-authorization reports.
  3. FBA and Assessment reports.
  4. Behavior program reports.
  5. Create custom reporting templates for use for your agency, insurance company, billing codes, etc.
  6. Much more…
Custom assessment and programming modules
  1. Works with any and all clinical assessment (ABBLS, VBMAPP, etc.)
  2. Create custom assessments within the system.
Functional Behavior Assessment tools
  1. Custom stimulus preference assessment tools.
  2. Custom reinforcer assessment tools.
    1. Free operant, forced choice, and MSWO automation and analysis.
  3. Functional analysis screening tool.
    1. Can customize the tool or create your own.
Reduction module


    1. Problem behavior assessment.
    2. Baseline, treatment, generalization, and maintenance phases.
    3. Definitions, hypothesized functions and much more…
  1. Function-based intervention module.
  2. Competing behavior module.
  3. Reduction plan database.
Acquisition module


    1. Four-tiered assessment section: assessment, domain, skill, target.
    2. Move up and down the prompt hierarchy.
    3. Create your own custom prompt hierarchy.
    4. Use task analysis data and target data seamlessly.


    1. Open and closed targets.
    2. Trial sets.
    3. Status.
    4. Priority.
    5. Maintenance time frames.
    6. Mastery criteria.
    7. Reinforcer schedule.
    8. Prompt sequence.
    9. Procedures.
    10. Much more…
Data collection

Comprehensive data collection system including, but not limited to the following data types:

  1. Acquisition data
    1. Correct vs Incorrect.
    2. Prompt Level.
    3. Whole Interval.
    4. Partial Interval.
    5. Momentary time sampling.
    6. Average duration per occurrence.
    7. Total duration.
    8. Count.
  1. Reduction data
    1. Frequency.
    2. Rate.
    3. Duration.
    4. Latency.
    5. Inter-response time.
    6. Whole interval.
    7. Partial interval.
    8. Momentary time sampling.
  1. ABC data collection module
    1. ABC data collection.
    2. ABC data analysis.
    3. ABC graphing.
  1. Graphing and Analysis
    1. Aggregate graphing.
    2. Session data.
    3. Trial by trial data.
  1. Parent competency
    1. Default parent/caregiver training templates.
    2. Custom parent/caregiver training templates.
    3. Parent/caregiver competency data tables and graphing.


Clinical System

Our clinical modules make up the most advanced clinical system on the market.  Our system was designed over years of research and development by behavior analysts for the exclusive of behavior analysts.  Here are just a small portion of the modules that we currently have in the system.

Click ABA App

Collect reduction data.


Collect acquisition data.


Data collection features.


Send messages to and from therapists.

Specially designed for a multiple therapist model allowing two or more therapists to see the same client and track data for them.

Switch between acquisition and reduction smoothly.


Collect multiple types of data collection simultaneously (duration, frequency, etc.)


Create custom progress notes per insurance company and per billing code.


Get parent signatures for progress notes and seamlessly sync al data back to the web portal.


Electronic visit verification.